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Clear/transparent latex balloon

15.0025.00 inc. VAT
Transparent latex balloons suitable for parties. Can be air filled or with helium.

Confetti Latex with valve

Multicoloured Confetti in transparent Latex Balloons 12 inch The balloons come with a non returning valve which help you inflate the balloon and air does not return back Suitable for parties.

Confetti transparent 18inch latex balloons

50.00 inc. VAT
18inch transparent latex balloons with gold heart confetti. Suitable for helium or air filled. Price is per piece.

Confetti transparent latex balloons with thermocol balls

Multicoloured thermocol balls in transparent latex Balloons -12 inch Suitable for parties Can be inflated with either air or helium

Latex Balloons – plain or HBD

5.0020.00 inc. VAT
Latex Balloons - plain or with pictures